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Renowned blogger Kasuku ends friendship with Full Figure

Media personality Isaac Katende alias Kasuku has made a public announcement about his decision to cut ties with his long-time friend Full Figure. The reason behind this abrupt end to their friendship comes from a video where she allegedly abused Kasuku and his children.

Despite the shared moments and secrets between them, Kasuku expressed his disappointment and hurt over the incident.

Kasuku says he drew a clear line, stating that he might tolerate personal attacks but will not stand for any harm directed towards his children.

He, however, promised to take all the secrets they shared to the grave, something Full Figure couldn’t do.

Kasuku went ahead and posed a thought-provoking question to Full Figure, questioning the wisdom in her actions and urging her to reflect on her behavior.

He also argues that all the companies she used to keep have moved onto better and bigger things except her reason being her not-so-good and morally unacceptable character.

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