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Traders Count Losses As Fire Ravages Kiosks In Kabale

Traders operating in Murukoro market business center in Muko sub-county, Rubanda West County, Rubanda district are counting losses after fire destroyed wooden kiosks in the wee hours of Saturday morning.  

Tito Tugume, an eye witness and a resident in the area told our reporter that the fire started at around 06:00 am from one of the kiosks located in Rugarambiro village along Muko-Katuna Rubaya road.  

Tugume says that more than 20 kiosks were reduced to ashes including inside merchandise. Jude Ndamwesiga Baziriyo, another eyewitness says that businesses that include; welding materials, saloons, retail shops, drums of porridge, bars, and casino gaming machines among others were reduced to ashes.

Patrick Abeneimwe, the Muko Sub County LCIII chairperson says that by the time the police fire brigade arrived from Kabale police station in Kabale district, fire had already destroyed merchandise and kiosks of more than 30 million shillings. Abeneimwe says that even after arrival, putting off the fire remained a struggle since the kiosks are wooden.   

Abeneimwe also says that the cause of the fire is not yet known.  He however adds that no life has been lost in the fire.

By press time, Police fire brigade officers were still trying to put down the fire

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