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Pastor Ronnie Makabai Urges Personal Relationship with Jesus

The Holy City Entebbe pastor Bro Ronnie Makabai has urged people to keep looking at Jesus instead of Him. While in the sunday service at his church in Entebbe, He added that every individual should relate with God personally and not look at him as he is just an attendant.

Ronnie also added that things of the spirit are very real laughing at those who say that power comes from under the ocean which he said is foolishness. He told his followers that Power comes from the most high God. “You only need to relate with Jesus real well and you will definately be connected to the power”, he said.

On the 1st June, he led his followers into a procession in the city center Kampala where members and other people joined to match with the police band in bid of fighting witchcraft out of Uganda. He maximised it with a helicopter which roomed around the city with a words on it “Uganda Repent”.

On the 2rd of June of June, He put an overnight which was held at Holy City Entebbe where masses gathered in an overnight prayer against witchcraft remembering the martyrs who died for their faith in Namungongo

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