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Dubai prince arrives in Uganda ahead of Heroes Day

Sheikh Mohammed bin Maktoum Bin Juma Al Maktoum, a member of Dubai’s royal family, has landed in the country ahead of the Heroes Day celebrations.

The Dubai Prince, who arrived at Entebbe International Airport at 8pm, was received by the Director General of Uganda Investment Authority (UIA), Mr Robert Mukiza.

Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum was accompanie by a delegation, including his business partners, Mike Douglas and Jaideep Mirchandani.

He arrived on a private jet.

The Dubai royal will be among 53 individuals honored by President Museveni, with a prestigious medal during the Heroes Day celebrations on Sunday.

He will be bestowed with the prestigious Pearl of Africa Grand Master Class One medal.

Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, a businessman, has made significant contributions to global enterprises and the economic sectors of the United Arab Emirates.

His company, Alpha MBM, has partnered with the Ugandan government to develop a $4 billion oil refinery.

The Heroes Day tomorrow at Mpenja Church of Uganda Primary School playgrounds, Gomba District, will be celebrated under the theme. “Hail our legends: A Secure Uganda Is Now a Reality.”

Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum’s contributions to Uganda’s development, particularly in the energy sector, have been recognized, and his efforts are expected to significantly impact the growth of the country.

“We are proud to welcome the Dubai prince and we are recognize him for his outstanding contributions to our country’s development,” Mukiza said.

Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum’s Alpha MBM company last year made a partnership with Uganda government to develop a $4 billion oil refinery.

That collaboration, as confirmed by the Minister of Energy and Mineral Development, Ruth Nankabirwa , marked a crucial step in Uganda’s efforts to process its crude oil domestically.

Uganda’s petroleum reserves, primarily located in the Albertine rift basin along the western border with DR Congo, have been a subject of international interest.

Despite the discovery of these reserves over a decade ago, commercial production has been delayed due to various logistical, financial, and political challenges.

The proposed refinery by Alpha MBM, now in advanced stages of preparations for commencement will have the capacity to process 60,000 barrels of crude oil per day, which will propel Uganda to become a significant player in the global oil market.

Uganda’s partnership with Alpha MBM Investments represents a renewed hope for Uganda’s oil industry.

The UAE-based firm’s involvement brings not only the required capital but also expertise in developing oil infrastructure, which is crucial for the landlocked nation.

Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, member of the royal family of Sharjah, is a multifaceted businessman with a diverse career spanning various sectors.

He has made significant contributions to global enterprises and the economic sectors of the United Arab Emirates.

In technology, he is a visionary partner, specializing in large-scale national infrastructure projects that drive transformational change.

He has expertise in secure digital identities, Web3 technologies, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), and blockchain infrastructure, enabling governments, corporations, and institutions to shape a future with boundless possibilities.

In regional development, particularly in East Africa, Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum has been a catalyst for economic growth and societal empowerment.

His commitment to sustainable development and strategic oversight has made him a key player in transformative investments that drive progress.

In aviation, he has achieved international recognition for implementing world-class practices in Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) services for helicopters.

He has also provided strategic guidance for a diverse conglomerate, steering the organization toward sustainable investments and development opportunities across various sectors.

Under his leadership, affiliated entities have seen marked growth and success.Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum is a quintessential leader in the global economic sphere, known for his traditional values and contemporary business acumen.

He is a respected figure, committed to fostering strategic partnerships and spearheading initiatives with profound global impact, driving both economic and social progress.

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