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Winnie Nwagi expresses disappointment in Chozen Blood’s behavior

A recently leaked audio has stirred the entertainment scene as singer Chozen Blood has been allegedly giving fellow artist Winnie Nwagi a cold shoulder, sparking speculations, and leaving fans puzzled.

In this leaked audio, Nwagi expresses her disappointment in Chozen Blood’s behavior, making it seem as though he is someone avoiding a romantic entanglement.

The sentiment of feeling mistreated continues as she vows not ever to call him again, further fueling curiosity among fans as the two make us believe that there is nothing intimate going on between them.

The purported ghosting has escalated and must have been so painful for Winnie Nwagi that she resorted to sending a voice note to express her frustration and share her feelings.

Leaked Audio of Winnie Nwagi expressing disappointment in Chosen Blood

The nature of the relationship between Chozen Blood and Winnie Nwagi remains mysterious, as they are not known to have had a significant relationship history.

We are left in suspense but with hope that there shall be light at the end of this tunnel.

Their collaboration on the track “Yitayo” four years ago remains the only public association between them, as they have been discreetly keeping their entanglement away from the public eye since then.


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