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VIDEO: We shall get full accountability for whatever is going – President Ruto

The President of Kenya William Ruto has addressed the nation on the issues that led Kenyan Gen Zs to a demonstration that saw property destroyed. In his press briefing, Ruto highlighted that he is still going to lead Kenya out of this disaster despite of the ongoing campaigns to out him of the big sit.

William also sighted that he has ordered a deployment of security forces in every essential corner of the country to protect and save people since some group of young people he termed as “Organized Criminals” are let the nation to blood shed.

In this briefing, the president also assured the nation that there is going to be full accountability of whatever has happened. “The organized group of criminals led themselves to government offices and destroyed government power instruments. But i assure you that we are going to have full accountability for whatever is happening” Ruto added.

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