Uganda's President Museveni Uses Pigs as Language to Condemn Murder of Social Media Critic Isma Olaxes

Uganda's President Museveni Uses Pigs as Language to Condemn Murder of Social Media Critic Isma Olaxes
Late Isma Olaxes with President Museveni

President Museveni has once again resorted to the use of pigs as a language to castigate the cold murder of  vlogger, Ibrahim Tusuubira alias Isma Olaxes Jajja Ichuli.

In a condolence message on Monday afternoon, Museveni said “the pigs” believe in using guns against unarmed opponents.

“NRM enjoys defeating unarmed opponents with counter- arguments. Killing critics shows that your position is false and you cannot out- argue an opponent. Why kill him if he is wrong and you are right? Killers are fake thinkers. They stand on false positions. Anyway, I can assure Ugandans that this criminal will be traced and punished,” Museveni said.

Olaxes was sprayed a volley of bullets by an unknown gunman on Saturday evening as he approached his gate in Kyanja together with his driver .

The social media critic was in the passenger seat of the vehicle when the unknown gunman targeted him but his driver escaped unhurt.

The Vlogger, a Muslim by faith was buried at his ancestral home in Nkokonjeru, Mukono District on Sunday afternoon.

In a condolence message to the family and well-wishers on Monday, the president said the killers of the controversial blogger will be brought to book.

“Do you remember the Bijambiya in Masaka? Most of those suspected killers are in the courts of law today. Do you remember the Kiddawalime group? Most of them are either dead or in prison. Kiddawalime himself was among the dead.”

The president has also contributed Shs10 million to the family through the State House Comptroller.

“The State House Comptroller will deliver it. Sympathy to the family of Isma. We stand with you and we shall punish the killer.”

Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga on Monday morning said security is investigating a suspicious call to Jjajja Iculi hours before his shooting.

“Our cyber teams are following a lead that as soon as they left Mutungo, when they reached Munyonyo roundabout, Isma received a phone call and asked the driver to park aside because the person behind the phone was telling him to wait for him there( at round about),”Enanga said on Monday.

“They waited for the person behind the phone call in vain as he didn’t appear and they drove home until when they reached gate where they were attacked. It is not clear whether the caller is linked to the masterminds of this murder or not but our investigations will be able to establish in due course.”

According to police, whereas it was first said the shooter used a sub machine gun, evidence from cartridges recovered at the scene and taken through ballistic analysis indicated that a pistol was used.

“The armed assailant fired multiple shots at close range killing him instantly. His driver remains unscathed despite bullets that riddled the driver’s side.”

According to Enanga, investigators used sniffer dogs at the crime scene in an effort to trace the shooters and that they followed the movement of the assailants up to the main road where they are believed to have boarded a motorcycle and escaped.

“They(assailants) dropped one glove we believe was used by the shooter and our canine was able to help recover.”

He said two people have so far been arrested to help in investigations whereas the driver is still under protection by police.