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Uganda Heart Institute, Jinja Hospital offers free Cardiac Surgeries to Infants

The Uganda Heart Institute (UHI), in collaboration with Jinja Regional Referral Hospital, has launched a five-day camp to provide free cardiac surgeries to 11 infants from various districts across the Busoga sub-region. The camp, running from June 17 to 21, began with patient admissions for thorough examinations last week, ensuring they were cleared for surgery.

The beneficiaries, ranging in age from seven months to five years, are receiving not only medical care but also psychosocial support for themselves and their families, essential for such procedures. Jinja Hospital’s director, Alfred Yayi, stated that a dedicated team of 20 health workers will work alongside UHI counterparts to ensure patients receive the necessary post-surgery care for a smooth recovery. 

The hospital has allocated 10 intensive care beds specifically for post-surgery patients to facilitate efficient management within the designated timeline. Yayi highlighted that the surgeries are free of charge and that the hospital has been fully fumigated to eliminate germs. Standby medical teams are ready to detect and treat any illnesses that might arise during recovery, ensuring a safe and conducive environment for healing. 

This initiative also serves as a valuable learning experience for hospital staff, equipping them with the skills needed for sophisticated surgical procedures and reducing the need for patients to travel for centralized services. As of the latest update, UHI’s consultant pediatric cardiologist, Muhoozi Rwakaryebe, reported that three closed heart surgeries have been successfully conducted, with eight more cases pending. 

All patients presented with congenital heart defects, commonly known as holes in the heart. The medical teams are prepared to correct these abnormalities, enabling the beneficiaries to lead healthy lives. Muhoozi emphasized the importance of decentralizing UHI’s operations, indicating that it is time to extend surgery camps to regional hospitals. 

This will build their capacity to handle cardiac challenges independently and only refer complex cases for comprehensive management.

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