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UBOS Rallies Local Gov’ts to Support National Census

Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) Executive Director, Dr. Chris Mukiza, has urged local governments to support preparations for the upcoming Uganda National Population and Housing Census (NPHC) 2024.

Mukiza was on Friday meeting with Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) and Town Clerks in Kampala. 

“To ensure the quality of data and efficient planning, CAOs are urged to produce accurate statistics,” said Mukiza.

Mukiza said the objective of the engagement was to facilitate the seamless cooperation between UBOS and local authorities to guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the census data.

“The involvement of CAOs and Town Clerks in preparatory activities is essential for conducting a comprehensive census,” said Mukiza, adding, “One crucial task is the determination of the size of statistical enumeration areas, each comprising 50 to 80 households.” 

“Digital maps of each enumeration area will be provided, ensuring that enumerators are equipped with the necessary tools for their tasks,” he added.

Uganda is set to conduct the national census with the reference night being May 9, 2024.

The Census will be done in 10 days starting on 9th May 2024 to 19th May 2024.

 After every 10 years, Uganda holds a national census and the last one was carried out in 2014.

The census figures play a critical role in guiding planning, policy formulation, and programme implementation as well as monitoring development progress in line with the national goals and objectives.

Mapping challenges 

Mukiza acknowledged that despite significant progress, challenges remain in some regions, with certain areas yet to be mapped comprehensively. 

“With only 76 days remaining until the census, urgency is paramount. Town Clerks are urged to actively participate in this process,” said Mukiza.

“Progress has been made in mapping enumeration areas, with 50 districts completely mapped and 100% data collected. Some areas still require mapping and completion. The exercise will be decentralized to ensure its success. 55 districts are above 90% data collected.”

The census exercise will use digital technology to collect, process and disseminate census results.

Mukiza said development meetings will be conducted via Zoom to facilitate collaboration between CAOs and District Census Officers, considering the digital nature of the census.

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