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UBOS’ Mukiza: National Census is not For Tax Purposes

The Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) has said the objective of the national census scheduled for the night of May 9–10, 2024, is to collect data to facilitate government planning for effective service delivery.

“Let’s demystify the fact that people think we want to know their assets to take the data to the government to tax them,” said UBOS Executive Director Chris Mukiza during a press conference on Thursday.

“UBOS data is never for taxation,” he said, adding, “it is for planning, and we cannot reveal any personal information to anyone.”

The development comes against the backdrop of increased public concern about the objectives of the national census, especially among rural dwellers.

The official commencement of the census, set for May 10, has been designated as a Census Public Holiday by the Cabinet and declared by His Excellency the President.

This decision aims to facilitate easy recall of Census Night, which falls on the night of May 9/10, 2024, serving as the reference point for all census-related inquiries.

Since 2021, UBOS has been executing pre-enumeration activities outlined in the National Population and Housing Census (NPHC 2024) Master Plan.

“These efforts include the launch of the census by the President, geo-mapping of households, and enumeration of area boundaries, which stands at a 90.3% completion rate,” said Mukiza.

“Additionally, the development of digital maps and the procurement of necessary materials, including tablets for field staff, are well underway.”

Mukiza said UBOS has already completed mapping for 50 districts.

“We have 100% clean data from these districts, and this helps us develop the geo-maps, clearly saying these are the enumeration areas.”

Additionally, Mukiza urged all district leaders up to village level to ensure that their villages are 100% completely mapped so that we don’t leave any households behind in the national census.

“The development of digital maps is now underway to generate area maps for the whole country. The area maps will facilitate an understanding of the area boundaries. The team is set to complete the exercise in the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area (GKMA), comprising Kampala, Mukono, and Wakiso districts, by the end of March 2024,” said Mukiza.

To ensure the success of the census, the Bureau will initiate an e-recruitment process for supervisors and enumerators at various administrative levels.

This process will be followed by comprehensive training in April for successfully recruited census staff before their deployment in May.

The bureau has completed identifying both international and domestic suppliers for tablets to facilitate the digital census.

The first batch of tablets is expected by mid-March 2024, and the last batch will be received in early April 2024.

Mukiza said the census is non-political, denouncing attempts at politicization.


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