Max Keiser
Max Keiser

In a surprising and bold statement, a leading figure in the cryptocurrency community has voiced serious concerns about specific cryptocurrencies and their potential ties to terrorism. Max Keiser, a prominent crypto expert, has expressed his belief that a specific category of cryptocurrencies, derogatorily referred to as “shitcoins,” are indisputably connected to terrorist activities. 

Unraveling the Shitcoin Mystery

Shitcoins, a term often used to describe cryptocurrencies perceived as less valuable or established, have come under fire from Keiser. He asserts that these digital assets, including well-known names like ETH, XRP, BNB, ADA, and numerous others, are created and used by what he calls “financial terrorists.”


Shitcoins like ETH, XRP, BNB, ADA, & 1,000’s of others are created by financial terrorists and are undoubtedly used to fund terrorism.

Do your job and put all the people associated with these coins in prison; Brad, Charles, Brock, Vitalik, Cynthia, Et al.#Bitcoin of…

— Max Keiser (@maxkeiser) October 28, 2023

Keiser demands urgent action, calling on the authorities to incarcerate everyone associated with these digital currencies, naming prominent figures in the crypto world such as Brad, Charles, Brock, Vitalik, and Cynthia.

A Closer Look at the Treasury’s Actions

Parallel to Keiser’s accusations, the U.S. Treasury has been actively targeting members of the Hamas terrorist group, imposing sanctions on ten individuals linked to the group’s financial networks across various regions, including Gaza, Sudan, Türkiye, Algeria, and Qatar.

The individuals targeted are believed to be involved in managing secret investment portfolios and facilitating financial transactions for Hamas. This move by the Treasury is part of an ongoing effort to disrupt the funding channels of terrorist organizations and to hinder their ability to carry out violent acts.

Keiser—the Bitcoin maximalist he is—passionately exempts the king crypto from his accusations, placing it on a pedestal as a digital commodity created to eliminate central bankers and malicious actors. He passionately refers to Bitcoin as “God’s money.”

Shitcoins, on the other hand, are depicted as tools in the hands of wrongdoers, used to fund activities that spread terror and violence. This stark contrast highlights the need for a discerning approach to cryptocurrencies, recognizing the potential risks and threats they may pose if left unchecked.

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