Threatening Letters: Mps In Fear As Disgruntled Officers Palpitates Them

Threatening Letters: Mps In Fear As Disgruntled Officers Palpitates Them
Threatening Letters: Mps In Fear As Disgruntled Officers Palpitates Them

Ugandan security has launched investigations into anonymous letters sent to several Members of Parliament by a group identifying themselves as ‘disgruntled officers’ threatening to kill them if they don’t heed to their requests for money.

Over the weekend, Makindye East Member of Parliament, Derrick Nyeko said he had received a random whats app message from an unknown person asking him to pay shs10 million or be killed.

“I have just received a threat like random on my whatsapp from +971567751087 purporting to be the Association of Tired Officers in Uniform asking shs10million to spare my life,”Nyeko posted on his social media accounts.

He posted the letter sent to him in which the sender said was the acting president of the association of tired officers in uniform from Uganda gave options to the legislator who also doubles as the shadow minister for presidency and security.

“We have budgeted only four bullets for you but you can let us spare them for another person if you pay shs10 million and pledge that you will push for our issues soon,” the anonymous letter read in part.

Commenting about the matter, police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said another opposition MP, Joyce Bagala(Mityana) had also been targeted with a similar anonymous letter with threats to her life.

Enanga said security agencies have taken up the matter to investigate the source of the letters.

“The joint security agencies have acknowledged receipt of these anonymous letter contributed to the association of tired officers in uniform posted to the Mityana district Woman MP, Joyce Bagala. This association says it comprises police and army officers who have decided to take matters on their own and have threatened parliament and other lawmakers,”Enanga said.

“Although at this stage we cannot confirm the authenticity of the anonymous letters, as joint security agencies, we take matters of threat to life seriously and as a priority. We are still gathering information on the scope of the anonymous threats. We are going to use all means to counter activities that threaten the life of our lawmakers.”

He said security is going to take threat reduction measures for legislators but also asked them to remain vigilant while operating within and outside parliament.

“We want to remind lawmakers to take precaution, change their daily routines and be more security conscious but at the same time stay focused on their work.”

Enanga however warned the alleged disgruntled officers who could be behind the threats that it is an offence to threaten anyone.