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“This Looks Horrible”

by Mat Lee
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“This Looks Horrible”

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is set to bring Zombies mode to MW. The game will be the first CoD release since Microsoft’s successful Activision-Blizzard deal. So naturally, players are thrilled. Even with the deal aside, players were excited about the undead. However, following the latest look, things seem to have taken a sour turn for many fans.

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A recent social media post shows a look at the upcoming Modern Warfare Zombies. And while devs are obviously hoping to impress, fans took to social media to express disappointment.

Players are unimpressed with the first look of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombies mode


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Zombies mode has been an inseparable part of Call of Duty games ever since its inception in Call of Duty: World at War. It eventually shifted from being a Treyarch-only thing to a franchise-wide feature. And fans loved the fact that they were getting a chance to enjoy Zombies mode even with Infinity Ward games.

As Call of Duty grew, so did the zombies mode. Starting with a closed linear corridor-based gameplay to becoming a chaos-filled supernatural action fair was something else. But it looks like that growing size has come to a point where it has turned this game into something unsavory. A recent look at this mode on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 suggests that this game will have open-world areas but with leveled zones. This means each zone would require players to be at a certain level to be able to clear it.


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This might indicate they have added some more details to this game, but the problem is that this leveled approach would hinder the fun gamers are having. Zombies’ mode has mostly been a mindless fun kind of thing, but if it becomes a game where being on certain levels prevents gamers from having fun, they would think it unfair.

Following the post on X (formerly Twitter), players were quick to express their disappointment. Here are some of the reactions:

In response to the clip that showed how the gameplay would look on different difficulty levels, one player stated it “looks horrible.”

Another player stated they won’t be playing this, believing this version looks like a cheap, watered-down version of what zombies mode should actually look like.

We will not be playing this dollar store version of zombies

— Bronx Hawk (@Yankee_Hawk) November 1, 2023

One player was so unimpressed, they branded the look of it as “soulless.”

Meanwhile, this player is disappointed by the graphics.

This looks like shit ngl graphics wise

— Jason (@BeardAndBoujeee) November 2, 2023


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While many players are not happy with what they’ve seen in the clip, one player is still excited, nonetheless.

Unpopular opinion: I’m excited to play some zombies when MWIII launches.

— Kollossol (@iamkollossol) November 1, 2023


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While many are not happy with the new look of Zombies mode, surely some players are holding out hope. What are your thoughts on the new look of MW Zombies?

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