Strange Skin Disease Attacks Moroto Residents

Strange Skin Disease Attacks Moroto Residents

A strange skin disease has infected both children and adults in Nadunget Town Council, Moroto district

Residents say that the infection akin to Chickenpox manifests with itchy patches all over the body. It was first reported from schools but spread in the community when children returned home for holidays.

Nadunget Trading Centre chairperson Mark Lodim says that the disease spreads rapidly to both children and adults and that patients suffering from the disease take between one to two weeks to recover.

Patrick Enabu, one of the parents in the Nadunget Trading Centre said that his children contracted the disease from the neighbourhood, and while he ignored the signs, the disease advanced leaving them with severe wounds all over their bodies as a result of scratching. Similarly, Susan Namer, one of the persons who have suffered from the disease, says that the disease worsens in coldness and does not respond to treatment.

Nadunget Town Council chairperson Max Lokamanyan observed that the infection was worse in primary schools he visited to assess the situation, and adds that the disease has spread across parishes in the town council. He adds that residents are now using eucalyptus and orange leaves to manage the symptoms.

Dr Philips Lotee, the in-charge of Nadunget Health Centre IV said that the numbers are overwhelming and asked the Ministry of Health to intervene. He explained that although they initially thought that they were dealing with an outbreak of Chickenpox, the signs became more complicated and unmanageable.

Lotee said that many patients, especially children are able to respond to the treatment while adults take a little bit longer. He added that they have written to the District Health Officer about the infection but they are yet to get the feedback.