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Sizzaman on Sheebah’s dedication to “Ice Cream” success

It is now more than 10 years since singer Sheebah Karungi joined forces with Sizzaman Da Dictionary to drop their infectious hit song “Ice Cream” which ushered the former into Uganda’s music landscape officially.

The song opened the floodgates for Sheebah Karungi since Sizzaman was already a renowned and established artist with some major hit singles by then.

Before the two hit the studio to record the song, Sizzaman recounts one thing about Sheebah Karungi. He narrates that he had never seen a dedicated and focused female artist by then like Sheebah.

The “Angella” fame singer remembers finding 100 missed calls from Sheebah Karungi before she requested that they hook up and record the ”Ice Cream” song.

Sizzaman discloses that he wrote the song and hit the studio with Sheebah just to get rid of her because she had put him under pressure to work together.

He adds that she is not where she is today by mistake as he is certain that she worked extremely hard to earn everything that she has achieved in life because of her relentless work ethic.

I wrote Sheebah’s ‘Ice Cream’ hit song because she proved to me that she is very hardworking. She called me 100 times just in a day. I gave her the song just to get rid of her.

Most girls here are not focused. You make a program and they disappoint you. Sheebah Karungi is not that kind of person and that is why you see her where she is at the moment.Sizzaman

Sizzaman advises all the rising female artists who would love to join the music business to stay focused and determined about what they want.


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