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Rukungiri high court circuit brings justice to Kanungu district

by Benson

The Rukungiri High Court Circuit is making history today as it begins a one-month-long session in Kanungu District, under the esteemed leadership of Justice Tom Chemutai.

This unprecedented move aims to dispense justice closer to the people, marking the first of its kind in the region. The session will address a total of 43 capital offenses, bringing relief to many accused individuals who have been waiting for their day in court.

The establishment of the Rukungiri High Court Circuit in November last year marked a significant step towards resolving jurisdictional issues that had previously seen cases being managed by the Kabale and Mbarara High Courts. This development is set to enhance efficiency and accessibility in the delivery of justice.

Assistant Registrar of the Rukungiri High Court, Nantumu Oliver, emphasized the importance of this session, stating, “The objective is to avail justice closer to the people, allowing accused persons to enjoy their freedom and ensuring the protection of their rights.”

During this month-long session, a diverse range of cases will be addressed, including 20 murder cases, 5 rape cases, 15 cases of aggravated defilement, 2 cases of aggravated robbery, and 2 cases of kidnapping.

Of particular note, Nantamu highlights that more than 60 accused persons, including vulnerable and sick individuals, will benefit from this initiative.

Nantamu also sheds light on the criteria for selecting cases to be heard, explaining that cases reported earlier are prioritized for shortlisting and hearing. This approach ensures that justice is delivered promptly to those who have been waiting for justice to be served.

This session is expected to have a profound impact on Kanungu District. It will significantly reduce the backlog of cases and spare residents the burden of undertaking long journeys to access justice in Kabale and Mbarara.

Many of the cases set to be heard have languished since 2019, underscoring the urgency and importance of this judicial session.

As the Rukungiri High Court Circuit embarks on this historic journey, it stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking justice in Kanungu District, demonstrating the commitment of the legal system to serve the people and uphold the rule of law.

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Author: Benson

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