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Police Condemn Jesa Juice Advert Featuring Traffic Bribery

A storm of controversy has erupted over a commercial advertisement for Jesa Juice, with the police leadership strongly condemning its content, which portrays a deceptive narrative involving traffic officers.

According to Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga, the advertisement in question depicts a scenario where a traffic officer is allegedly bribed with Jesa Juice by a driver during a routine traffic stop.

“The TV advertisement deceptively suggests that a traffic officer, during a normal traffic enforcement routine, stopped a driver for inspection but was immediately compromised with a pack of Jesa juice by the panicky driver and children, after which he left them to proceed without inspection,” said Enanga.

The advertisement, which insinuates corruption within the police force and promotes bribery, has drawn sharp criticism from law enforcement authorities.

“This kind of advertisement also promotes acts of bribery among children, which continues to reinforce the negative perceptions of children against police, which is not good,” said Enanga.

Jesa Juice has yet to comment on the development.

However, the police force is among the most corrupt institutions in the country.

But Enanga said the “appearance of the look-alike traffic officer and the use of the look-alike police uniform were done without the express permission of the Inspector General Police, which is strictly prohibited because our uniforms are gazetted.”

In response to the controversy, Enanga asserted: “We are strongly condemning it and calling upon JESA Company Limited to pull down this controversial commercial advertisement.”

Enanga further warned that “failure to do so will call for sanctions in the civil court of law by the director of legal and human rights services.”

Enanga urged all marketers and advertisers to seek proper authorization before using police imagery or content in commercial advertisements.

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