Only Lies And Only lies; Ps Bigirimana Sanctifies The Judiciary Of Drivers toxic Statements

Only Lies And Only lies; Ps Bigirimana Sanctifies The Judiciary Of Drivers toxic Statements
Only Lies And Only lies; Ps Bigirimana Sanctifies The Judiciary Of Drivers toxic Statements

The Permanent Secretary to the Judiciary, Pius Bigirimana has said that Stanley Kisambira, the driver who complained about low pay should be “disciplined for telling lies.”

Bigirimana comments come shortly after the arrest of Kisambira by police to facilitate an investigation into his recorded claims made in audio clips over poor welfare at the judiciary.

In the audio clips, Kisambira is heard complaining about salary disparities in the judiciary for drivers and expressing his dissatisfaction with earning Shs200, 000 since joining the justice system in 2008.

“I am a driver. I can ram into a stationary trailer, killing all the occupants including the judge and bodyguard…The salaries for judges and clerks were raised because they don’t engage in extrajudicial financial dealings. But the plight of the driver was ignored. Drivers for judges also don’t do any other business,”Kisambira said in the audio.

Kisambira’s threats came less than three weeks after an army bodyguard Pte Wilson Sabiiti shot dead his boss and former state minister of Labour Charles Engola allegedly over delayed pay.

Last week, Ivan Wabwire, a police constable shot and killed a moneylender Uttam Bhandari inside Rajja Chambers along Parliament Avenue in Kampala following a disagreement over a Shs 2.6 million loan repayment.

In a statement seen by the Nile Post, the judiciary acknowledged Kisambira’s concerns and said that measures have been taken to address the welfare concerns of all staff members.

In his remarks on the matter, Bigirimana said the driver lied about his salary, adding that he earns over shillings 1 million including allowances which he believes is a fair pay for any driver working for such an institution.

“This is a lie. This Stanely Kisambira (Judiciary driver) told lies to the public (about the money he earns). If you add what he gets in a month is more than 1.3 million shillings but he told the public lies. He must be disciplined for telling lies about his welfare,” he said.

Bigirimana said that the method the driver used to voice his frustration via social media was not right because there are other proper ways through which one can channel his issues without damaging the reputation of the institution.

Kisambira is a driver for a judge attached to Mbale High Court.

Bigirimana said that all drivers and body guards are well facilitated and that they are paid promptly contrary to what is being claimed on social media.

He noted that he has written to Kisambira, although he is currently in police custody, to explain more about his audio and other statements he might have released on social media.

Police said it has opened a general inquiry file on Monday evening at Central Police Station to investigate the allegations made by Kisambira in the audio, where he claimed he could cause an accident with the principal inside.

According to Judiciary, all its drivers now receive a consolidated monthly allowance, paid out quarterly, in addition to their salary. The combined total monthly payment for a driver exceeds one million shillings. The institution also noted that all its staff members have access to health insurance services.

On social media platforms, Kisambira has been hailed as brave for exposing the low salaries of judiciary rank-and-file members. In fact, a fundraising campaign has been initiated to support him in obtaining legal representation and welfare.

The campaign encourages donations, emphasising Kisambira’s role as a whistleblower who spoke out about the exploitation of judiciary drivers earning a mere 200,000 shillings.

The flyer states, “Kisambira is ready to be punished or sacked but won’t be silenced.”

Some members of the public have expressed the opinion that the Judiciary should have increased Kisambira’s salary instead of handing him over to the police.