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NRM Launches Nationwide Fan List Refresh Program in Preparation for Elections

In a strategic move ahead of the upcoming elections, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) has initiated a comprehensive program to refresh its fan lists across the country. The initiative, aimed at determining the exact number of supporters within the party’s Yellow Book, is expected to play a pivotal role in the party’s electoral strategy.

Ssuubi Kiwanda, the vice-chairman of the NRM in Buganda, announced the launch of the program and urged party members to actively participate in the registration process. Kiwanda emphasized the importance of accurate and up-to-date fan lists to ensure the party’s readiness for the forthcoming elections.

“As we gear up for the elections, it is crucial for us to have an accurate count of our supporters across the nation. This fan list refresh program is designed to achieve just that,” stated Vice-Chairman Kiwanda during a press conference.

Kiwanda further encouraged party members to provide detailed information during the registration process, including their contact details and other relevant information. The party plans to issue membership cards to those who register, facilitating better communication and organization within the NRM.

“The membership cards will not only symbolize your commitment to the National Resistance Movement but will also serve as a means of better connecting with our supporters. This initiative is about strengthening the party at its grassroots and ensuring that every member feels valued and involved,” explained Kiwanda.

The nationwide fan list refresh program is expected to take place over the coming weeks, with registration centers set up across different regions. Party officials and volunteers will be on hand to assist members through the registration process.

The NRM’s proactive approach to updating its fan lists reflects a commitment to strategic planning and organizational efficiency as the party prepares for the upcoming elections. The success of the program is anticipated to have a positive impact on the NRM’s electoral performance and its ability to mobilize support on a national scale.

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