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NRM Finds 6 Million Ghost Members During Register Cleanup

The number of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party members has dropped from 17 million to 11 million.

“After auditing we have 11.4 million NRM members,” said Museveni on Thursday during the launch of the update of the party register in Kampala. 

“Initially we had 17 million members but this was because of duplication,” he added.

NRM officials said the new register now has full names, dates of birth and national identification numbers of its members.

“This is a good nucleus,” said Museveni, adding, “The exercise is very democratic.”

The party membership register update exercise will take place from March 13 to March 17, 2024 across Uganda as NRM prepares for the 2026 general elections. 

Museveni warned against registering opposition members to infiltrate the party. 

“This, in law, is called fraud. You can be jailed for seven years,” he warned.

“You should be vigilant. Anyone committing fraud will go to jail. You may think this is not a party matter. The law covers everybody whether you are doing party work or not.”

Museveni launching the party membership update exercise

Museveni said he had received information that the opposition intended to “swamp and distort our primaries. We are not in a rush.”

The party registers will be taken to 72,000 villages across Uganda where names of members will be fully verified. 


He cautioned against last minute converts seeking registration as new members of the party. 

“The village people will check. There is an NRM registrar in all the 72,000 villages. This person is from that village and knows most of the people. People are free to go there and check. If they find someone is missing, space has been provided and can be added in ink. If my name is not there, people will check and put my name. The register is now in the hands of village NRM members,” said Museveni.

The Party Deputy Secretary General, Hon. Namayanja Rose Nsereko, said the dispatched teams are required to commit even for longer hours to deliver a credible exercise. 

Some of the NRM leaders who graced the ceremony

According to Namayanja, the activity shall include ridding the register of deceased members, those who relocated to other areas, or those who joined other political parties, as well as welcoming those who are joining the NRM.

“I implore you to take this exercise very seriously. This is both our membership and voter registration. It requires due diligence to ensure that eligible members are not left out,” Namayanja said.

The Chairman of the NRM Electoral Commission, Dr. Tanga Odoi, said the update of the party register will be very important in delivering free and fair internal elections during the 2026 general elections.

“An updated register will save us from the chaos and bickering of party members during our primaries, which previously were witnessed in some isolated areas,” said Dr. Tanga.

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