Home Entertainment Not Havin’ It! Saint West Flips Off Paparazzi While Out & About With Kim Kardashian

Not Havin’ It! Saint West Flips Off Paparazzi While Out & About With Kim Kardashian

by Mat Lee
Not Havin’ It! Saint West Flips Off Paparazzi While Out & About With Kim Kardashian

Kids sure do grow up fast, as video has emerged showing Saint WestKim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s second-born child — unapologetically giving a paparazzo the middle finger while out with his superstar momma!

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Saint West Flipped The Middle Finger Before Entering A Restaurant With Kim Kardashian

Splash obtained the video footage, which was captured last week outside of a restaurant. Kim was apparently taking Saint and some teammates out for a post-game meal, and the 7-year-old took the opportunity to give the photographer a piece of his mind.

After Saint flips the photographer off the first time, Kim appears to acknowledge the matter by attempting to cover Saint’s mouth. Saint flips the bird again as they enter the establishment, and Kim can be heard saying, “I saw that.” Oop!

Peep the footage down below.

Here’s What The Roomies Had To Say About The Footage

Beneath The Shade Room‘s upload on the matter, people were cuttin’ up over the video of Saint West flippin’ the bird.

One Roomie going by @andrecavasier said Saint “did what he did and meant it”—oop!

“He did what he did and meant it like get out his face!”

Another user going by @timi_md brought North West into the conversation and observed, “Him and North have their daddy’s personality.”

Delving a bit deeper, @rikki_so_lovely suggested that she understands where Saint’s coming from.

“Usually, I would say this is inappropriate but… I get it. They didn’t ask to be the children of mega celebs. Leave them alone.”

There were even a few superstar Roomies who got in on the commentary, as Lil Mama humorously proclaimed, “YUP… LOOKS LIKE YE HAD A TALK WIT SAINT.”

Similarly, Mehgan James declared, “His daddy child.”

As for Winnie Harlow, she focused on how Kim seemingly knew what Saint was up to while looking the other way. You know what they say — parents have to have eyes on the back of their heads!

“How Kim not even looking and can still see what he’s doing?”

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Mat Lee
Author: Mat Lee

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