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Muslims urged to work hard, with Islamic values

Muslims have been urged not to sit back but to work harder and earn a living, as the religion relies on financial support.

This advice was imparted at the Ramadan Convention, which aims to educate Muslims about their religion and revive the significance of the holy month of Ramadan.

In a convention, organised by the Al-Waasi Charity Foundation, took place at the Yusufu Bakuuba Mosque in Kisaasi.

Sheikh Umar Swidiq Ndawula advised Muslims to take their work seriously, emphasising that sustaining their life within their religion requires financial resources.

Sheikh Ndawula also stressed that while money is necessary, Muslims should seek it through lawful means, as Islam prohibits believers from acquiring wealth through unethical practices.

Hajj Karim Kaliisa, the general manager of Salam Charity Foundation, highlighted the potential for financial resources within Uganda, stating that with proper mobilization, communities can undertake projects such as building mosques without relying on assistance from Arab countries.

Hafiz Islam, the CEO Al-Waasi Charity Foundation, stated that the goal of such workshops is to mobilize Muslims, guiding them in all aspects of their religion, including economics and everyday life.

The workshop brought together Muslims from diverse communities, along with religious educators.

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