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Mpuuga Pleads Guilty Before NUP Leadership; Asked to Resign

The National Unity Platform (NUP) has asked Hon Mathias Mpuuga to resign as a Commissioner of Parliament for taking part in the designing of a controversial financial scheme in which he pocketed a staggering Shs 500m of taxpayers’ money. 

Earlier this week, Ugandan activists exposed the former Leader of Opposition in Parliament for benefiting from a so-called ‘service award’ after serving only two years. 

The ‘service award’ was passed during a secret meeting of the Parliamentary Commission held on May 6, 2022 in the Speaker’s boardroom at the Parliament Building.

Mpuuga was among those who attended the meeting which resolved to grant a ‘one time pay-off service award of Shs 500m for the Leader of Opposition’ and another pay-off of Shs 400m to the backbench Parliament commissioners.

NUP said Mpuuga on Wednesday appeared before a meeting of senior leaders of the Party including all Deputy Presidents convened by party leader Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine.

“At the meeting, Rt. Hon. Mpuuga admitted that he indeed took part in this wrongdoing and apologised for the same,” said NUP in a statement on Thursday.

“In light of this, he was strongly advised that the moral thing to do in the circumstances is to step down from his role as Parliamentary Commissioner with immediate effect.”

Efforts to reach Mpuuga were yet to bear fruit.

It remains unclear if Mpuuga, who was recently sacked as Leader of Opposition by Bobi Wine, will resign as Parliament Commissioner. 

NUP said the values of the National Unity Platform are “Discipline, Reliability, Inclusiveness, Integrity, Patriotism and Service,” adding, “All actions of corruption and abuse of office go contrary to these values.”

The party added: “They (values) also go contrary to the Integrity Oath which every leader of the Party swore at the start of this term.”


Ugandans who are taking part in the online anti-corruption protest under the hashtag #UgandaParliamentExhibition, have since expressed shock at the wastage of public funds at Parliament. 

“The appointing authority Bobi Wine and and David Rubongoya hope you will make a statement about this matter to Ugandans who are seeking a transparent and accountable change!” said Walter Adyeeri on X platform on Monday. 

Aaron Nze, observed: “I think our Parliament just has too much money, they just run out of names for expenditure lines but there is plenty of money to waste. Then the realisation that there is no opposition when it comes to money.”

Leaked information showed that Speaker Anita Among picked billions of shillings from Parliament as per diem for foreign travel. 

Activists have since challenged Among to prove she travelled out of the country for the scheduled official duties. 

Chris Obore, Director Communication and Public Affairs at Parliament said in a statement that the House acknowledges concerns raised in the ongoing #UgandaParliamentExhibition on the institution.

“Though the discussion is laden with distortions, in the spirit of openness, accountability and transparency, we are duty bound to study the specifics of all concerns and conclusively address them,” said Obore without providing details.

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