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Kinyamatama Asks Parliament to Expel Zaake

Hon. Juliet Kinyamatama, Rakai Woman MP, has asked Parliament’s Rules Committee to expel Mityana Municipality legislator Francis Zaake from parliament and also subject him to a mental checkup.

Kinyamatama told the committee on Tuesday, February 13, 2024, that Zaake should be thrown out of the 11th parliament for the whole second half (two and a half years).

“My prayers are that the Hon. Zaake be subjected to a thorough mental examination at any of the national mental facilities to ascertain the mental state of the member given his conduct in and out of parliament. Hon. Zaake must be suspended from Parliament, all its premises, and the rest of the session for the 11th Parliament,” she said.

Kinyamatama said that Zaake referred to her as a sex worker last year during his visit to Rakai district on Independence Day, which is ‘unacceptable and derogatory’ to a woman.

“Zaake implied that I am engaged in the commission of a criminal offense of prostitution against the provisions of Section 139 of the Penal Code Act, whose punishment is imprisonment for a period of seven years. This is unacceptable and derogatory to any woman in this era to be referred to as a sex worker,” she added.

Last year, Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Thomas Tayebwa played a recorded video of Zaake allegedly uttering derogatory words against Kinyamatama, triggering a storm in Parliament.

In the video played before parliament, Zaake is heard telling residents in Rakai not to ‘bring curses’ to parliament, such as Kinyamatama, who do nothing but sit and bring about an ordour in parliament.

The video angered some female legislators who had to be restrained from assaulting Zaaka as he walked out of Parliament.

The Rakai woman MP said Zaake’s statements have exposed her to public laughter, hatred, mockery, and ridicule.

“The statements were so demeaning, very humiliating, very derogative, and unacceptable, especially coming from a fellow member of Parliament.”

Zaake said on his social media after the committee session that he wasn’t surprised that Kinyamatama asked for his ejection from parliament.

“I was not surprised when she asked that I be ejected from Parliament and that I undergo a mental examination. Throughout history, those who stand for the truth have always paid a heavy price. I might not be the first one to suffer persecution, but I will be the last one to go silent because of it,” he said.

The Mityana Municipality lawmaker and his lawyers claim the Parliament committee investigating the matter is biased in Kinyamatama’s favor.

Zaake was suspended from his position as commissioner of Parliament in 2022 after making statements thought to be demeaning the person of the speaker, Anita Annet Among.

However, Zaake was reinstated in his position by a court order.


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