Key suspect in Nagirinya murder case asks for shs50m to place adverts on Tik Tok for witnesses to appear

Key suspect in Nagirinya murder case asks for shs50m to place adverts on Tik Tok for witnesses to appear

Copriyam Kasolo, the key suspect in the kidnap and subsequent murder of social worker, Maria Nagirinya and her driver, Ronald Kitayimbwa has asked court for shs50 million to enable him summon witnesses to defend him.

“My Lord I request that court gets me shs50 million so as to put advertisements in the media to be able to summon my witnesses,” Kasolo asked court on Monday.

The development came after court ruled that said basing on the evidence from prosecution witnesses, a prima facie case (strong ground) had been established to warrant the five accused persons to make their defence.

Speaking in response, Kasolo said he has six witnesses to summon for his defence that he said need to informed that they are to appear before court.

“Since I was arrested, I have never heard from them and lost their contacts. I therefore need money to advertise in newspapers, tv, radio and social media platforms,” he said.

Kasolo told court that he needs shs20 million to place adverts on NTV, TV West, Salt TV, Spark TV; shs10 million for adverts on Bukedde FM, CBS FM, Kaboozi FM, Radio one, Sanyu FM, Beat FM and Super FM.

He also noted that he needs to place adverts on social media platforms including Facebook, Whats App, Tik Tok and Instagram as well as adverts in the New Vision, Observer, Good news, Daily Monitor, Orumuri and Bwino newspapers.

“That  is the budget  I am asking court for. This is not a joke but am serious on the matter.”

However, the state prosecutors led by Jonathan Muwaganya protested against the same saying the burden is on Kasolo to find ways of bringing his witnesses.

“The law says for the defence ,they can call any witness.  Court can allow any witnesses as desired by the defence but on their own burden,”Muwaganya told court.

The state prosecutors told court that only witnesses that were listed by the defence in the magistrates court during the committal can be allowed to testify.

Justice Isaac Muwata set May, 16, 2023 as the date  to deliver his ruling on the matter.