Halle Bailey Gets Emotional With Sister Chlöe at 'The Little Mermaid' Premiere

Halle Bailey Gets Emotional With Sister Chlöe at 'The Little Mermaid' Premiere

Halle Bailey's no. 1 fan is her own sister, and their sweet moment on the carpet at Monday's premiere of The Little Mermaid made that abundantly clear.

As Halle's sister, Chlöe Bailey, spoke with ET's Nischelle Turner on the blue carpet in Hollywood, their chat was punctuated by Halle's arrival -- which led to the pair yelling as they ran across the carpet to one another and embraced.

It was a heartwarming and emotional moment of sisterly love that had Halle beaming as she came to speak with ET shortly after.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so happy that my sister's here," Halle gushed. "It makes me so happy that she's here. It makes my whole day."

"She'll be actually seeing the film for the first time tonight," she added. "So, once I get her stamp of approval, I'll feel good."

When asked about Chlöe declaring herself Halle's biggest fan, the actress confirmed this to be true, stating, "She is, for sure."

Before their delightful reunion at the premiere, Chlöe spoke with ET and explained that she'd dressed up special because "it's a big night for my sister."

"I've been trying to not cry every time I think about it," Chlöe said. "I'm the only one who hasn't seen it 'cause I've been on tour when they had the early screenings and I just I gotta get tissues with me."

"I'm so freaking proud of her! I have been seeing billboards and magazines of her everywhere and I am just so freaking proud," she exclaimed.

As for Halle's new status as a certified Disney princess, Chlöe said, "She didn't have to do much training for that. Like, she's always been that sweet [girl]... So the stars aligned. I feel like all her life she's been preparing for this role."

Fans can see Halle bring Ariel to life when The Little Mermaid hits theaters May 26.