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Habib Shonga reveals reasons behind failed relationships and love life

by Benson

City socialite and artist manager Habib Shonga has highlighted some of the reasons why his relationships have most of the time hit a dead end.

The socialite was some years ago married to Dorothy Shonga but their relationship ended in tears as Dorothy requested a divorce on the back of accusing Habib of being a womanizer and a serial cheater.

Dorothy Shonga one time even accused Habib of being impatient when she stressed that the guy couldn’t go two days without having sex something that she was fed up with.

Speaking to Sanyuka TV about his failed relationship with singer Sasha Brighton Kalungi, Shonga stressed that he is the only person who knows why their love affair hit a snag.

When asked why he didn’t go down on both his knees to apologize to the singer, he responded by stressing that he wasn’t in the position to apologize adding that he doesn’t regret the decision he took.

He further noted that breaking up with Sasha was a decision to better each other’s future because he envisioned that the earlier they did it, the better it would be.

I know why my relationship got messed up. so nobody knows why. I didn’t apologize because I wasn’t in a position to apologize. I don’t regret life since I am a grown-up man, I do everything with a clear and sober mind.

I am sure by the time my relationship hit a snag, it was meant to. sometimes relationships come to an end for the better of the future and that is what exactly happened. I am certain my ex is doing pretty well as am also fine.Habib Shonga

Habib Shonga went ahead to brag that in life he can never be single because he loves being loved and also likes loving in equal measure.

He added by stating that when he is dumped on a Monday, by the end of Saturday he could be in a new relationship already.

I’ve never been single in my life and I can never be single because I love being loved and I like loving. If I get chucked on Monday, I think by Saturday, I will be hooked to another one already.

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Author: Benson

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