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Eve Maina, lady rumoured to be dating Daddy Owen clears the air

by Mat Lee

Businesswoman Eve Maina has quashed reports that she is in a romantic relationship with gospel singer Daddy Owen.

For the past few weeks, rumour had it that Owen and Maina were an item after photos of them at similar locations on several occasions surfaced online.

Netizens tried to piece two and one together – linking the two together.

However, Eve has sought to clarify that she is not dating Daddy Owen and that people should stop spreading the rumour.

“No we are not dating. I have clarified this like a million times.

“Imagine saying you are not dating someone you are actually dating in public??,’ Eve Maina said. 

Despite dismissing the dating rumour- Owen and Eve are good friends who have been spotted together severally.

On the other hand, Daddy Owen has also rubbished off claims of being in a relationship with Eve Maina.

He confirmed that Eve is actually in a stable relationship and he has no intentions of dating.

“She is dating and I have no intentions of dating her. We have been friends for a long,” he said.

In that particular photo, we were just hanging out plus with other people.

In October 2022, Owen shared a photo with Eve, wearing a matching outfit and referring to her as a fan.

He joked about the photo and said Eve posed with a stern face.

“Yaani kuna mafans who lack decorum! Mtu anasema “hi Daddy Owen, I am your biggest fan! Can I have a photo with you?” Then anakutumia hizo picha unaangalia unapata alikua amenuna kwa picha zote! @evenmaina sasa umenuna why? 😳😳😳,” Owen wrote.

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Mat Lee
Author: Mat Lee

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