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Eddy Kenzo denies romantic ties with Hon. Phionah Nyamutooro

Rumors have been moving around the Ugandan entertainment scene about a possible romantic relationship between Eddy Kenzo and Hon. Phionah Nyamutooro, the appointed Minister of State for Energy in charge of Minerals.

However, Kenzo has refuted these speculations, stating that they share a good friendship and that he is genuinely excited about her appointment by the president like any friend would be.

One incident that fueled the rumors was when they got spotted together at a school visitation day for Kenzo’s daughter, Maya.

Many assumed it was a family-oriented event, but Kenzo brushed it off, emphasizing that they were just friends and that Phiona was there to support him as a friend would.

Another piece of evidence that sparked curiosity was when Phionah was seen wearing a jacket that looked strikingly similar to one owned by Eddy Kenzo.

Kenzo dismissed this as a mere coincidence, stating that clothing companies often produce similar items, and anyone can wear something that resembles another person’s attire.

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