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Does it really matter how long the sex lasts?

by Mat Lee
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One minute man! This is said a lot by women, especially after breaking up with someone. They go back to how long he lasted in bed. How many minutes he went on minus cumming. Does it matter?

Who ever gets their phone or clock to time how long the sex will last. What exactly are you doing? Most people act on assumptions about this time thing. If you have the time to time the sex, you are not in for the fun that it is supposed to be.

Men last for a short time if the choochie is sweet. Men cum faster when it is wet, tight and she knows what she is doing. Women get bored when they cum first and have to wait for him to cum.

Also experienced men take long to cum if it feels good in there. They feel they should enjoy it as long as they can. They just hold their cum to keep feeling the warmth that wraps their machine gun.

Other men will take long to cum because you are actually boring as a woman. They have to find a sweet spot to be able to cum. This might involve thinking about your competition.

If your sex life is long or short, find out why. Some men are too proud to talk about how sweet you are but you will know. You will feel it and in the moment they will say exactly how they feel.

That said, some women take a short time to cum too. Depending on how badly they want some, some women will even cum in less than a minute. It all depends on how badly they want you.

Experienced women will hold cumming as long as their man is still enjoying. This takes experience. To be wet enough for him and still hold off cumming. As long as he is in there, she keeps it going.

So it doesn’t matter how long anyone takes to cum. Good sex is good sex. If you have time to time your sex, you shouldn’t be getting any.

Till next time, sometimes one minute means you are sweet.

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Mat Lee
Author: Mat Lee

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