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Cop Commits Suicide After Losing Detainee’s Shs 800,000 at Betting Shop

Mukono Police Division is investigating the circumstances under which a cop attached to Namanve Police barracks committed suicide.

The deceased has been identified as Police Constable Saddick Hussein Baguma.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire said the incident occurred on March 4 at Namanve Police barracks, Mukono district.

He said Baguma received a parcel containing Shs 800,000 belonging to a suspect for safekeeping.

“The deceased subsequently visited a betting establishment, where he claims the money was stolen from him,” said Owoyesigyire, adding that Baguma failed to recover the lost funds.

Baguma reportedly threatened to take his own life if he didn’t receive any support to return the lost money.

Tragically, on March 8, neighbors at the Namanve police barracks detected a foul odor emanating from Constable Baguma’s room.

Upon investigation, his lifeless body was discovered, hanging from a wooden decker bed with a tight bedsheet around his neck.

“The circumstances surrounding Constable Baguma’s death suggest the possibility of suicide. Statements from relatives indicate his distress over the loss of the money and subsequent threats made,” Owoyesigire affirmed.

Owoyesigire cautioned: “This incident highlights the importance of adhering to protocol regarding the handling of suspects’ belongings.”

The body of Constable Baguma has been conveyed to the City Mortuary Mulago for further examination, with authorities working diligently to unravel the circumstances surrounding his unfortunate death.

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