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Centenary Bank gives relief to Kasese Victims

Centenary Bank, the largest commercial microfinance bank in Uganda, in response to the devastating landslides and floods that struck Kasese District in May, displacing over 1,000 families, has stepped forward with a substantial donation to aid affected communities.

The catastrophic event saw major rivers such as Nyamugasani, Rwembyo, Kabiri, Isule, Hima Kuruhe, and Muhokya burst their banks, causing widespread damage across eleven Sub Counties and Town Councils.

Understanding the dire need for immediate relief, Centenary Bank, through its Kasese branch, collaborated with local entities, including Bwera branch and the Diocese, to provide essential supplies to 173 affected families. This initiative underscores the bank’s commitment to supporting and uplifting communities in times of crisis.

According to Selevano Masereka the Centenary Bank Kasese Branch Manager, the bank last week donated 865 kgs of maize flour, 346 kgs of farm rice, 1,730 kgs of cassava flour, 519 kgs of beans, 40 cartons of soap, and 173 blankets to the affected families.

These donations are aimed at addressing the immediate welfare needs of the affected families, ensuring they have access to basic necessities during this challenging period. The provision of food items such as maize flour, farm rice, cassava flour, and beans will help alleviate hunger, while soap and blankets will assist in maintaining hygiene and comfort.

Speaking on the initiative, James Katamba Sebavubya, the Centenary Bank Western Region Manager stated, “As a bank that cares deeply for the well-being of our people, we are committed to standing by our communities during difficult times. Our support to the families affected by the floods and landslides in Kasese is a testament to our dedication to making a positive impact and providing relief where it is most needed.” Annually, Centenary Bank commits 2% of previous year’s net profit towards Corporate Social Responsibility in the areas of education, health, environmental stewardship, social mission of the church which form part of the bigger ESG agenda for environmental, social and economic transformation.

The bank’s intervention has been met with gratitude from the recipients and local leaders, who have lauded Centenary Bank for its swift and generous response.

Centenary Bank remains committed to working hand-in-hand with local authorities and organizations to ensure that the affected families continue to receive the assistance they need to rebuild their lives.

As the affected families begin the arduous task of recovery, Centenary Bank also commits to addressing climate change adaptation and mitigation measures. Together with Kasese leadership, the Cente Foundation, and the local community, 12,000 trees have so far been planted.

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