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6 signs you are not the only woman in his life

by Mat Lee
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There will be hints when your man starts seeing other women. These signs will point towards the possibility that you are not the only woman in his life:

  1. Increased phone usage: If your man suddenly starts spending an excessive amount of time on his phone, especially if he wasn’t typically attached to it before, this could be a red flag. He might even seek privacy, like spending long periods in the bathroom, to use his phone discreetly.
  2. Decreased interest in you: If he used to be genuinely interested in your daily life, asking about your day, your plans, and your well-being, but now seems disinterested, it could be a sign that his focus has shifted elsewhere.
  3. Protective of his gadgets: While some men may let you use their phones without guilt while still engaging in dishonest behaviour, becoming overly protective of his gadgets, especially his phone, suggests he’s trying to hide something from you.
  4. Emotional distance: Another telltale sign is if he becomes emotionally distant. He may not communicate as openly or share as much as he used to, leaving you feeling disconnected and distant from him.

5. Picking frequent fights: He seems to be constantly picking fights over the slightest issues, and even minor offences lead to prolonged arguments between the two of you.

Even if you try to talk to him about something you are not happy about in a calm manner, they will still get offended and start and turn it into an argument.

These signs may not always indicate an affair, as there could be other reasons for these behaviours. Open and honest communication is the key to addressing your concerns and finding out what might be going on in your relationship.

If you try communicating your concerns and they refuse to open up, maybe it’s time to start your private investigation or consider giving him some space.

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Mat Lee
Author: Mat Lee

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