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40-man deadline: Which prospects are getting roster spots?

by Mat Lee
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40-man deadline: Which prospects are getting roster spots?

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All 30 Major League teams had decisions to make ahead of today’s deadline to set 40-man rosters. Eligible players who were not added to their respective organization’s roster can be selected by another organization in the Rule 5 Draft, which is set for Wednesday, Dec. 6, in Nashville.

Players first signed at age 18 or younger must be added to 40-man rosters within five seasons or they become eligible to be drafted by other organizations through the Rule 5 process. Players signed at 19 years or older have to be protected within four seasons. Clubs pay $100,000 to select a player in the Major League phase of the Rule 5 Draft. If that player doesn’t stay on the 26-man roster for the full season, he must be offered back to his former team for $50,000.

For this year, that means an international or high school Draft pick signed in 2019 had to be protected. A college player taken in the 2020 Draft was in the same position.

There were six players on MLB Pipeline’s Top 100 Prospects list who needed to be protected or become exposed to the Rule 5 Draft:

+ Adael Amador, SS/2B, Rockies (No. 21)
+ Jeferson Quero, C, Brewers (No. 32)
+ Emmanuel Rodriguez, OF, Twins (No. 48)
+ Yanquiel Fernandez, OF, Rockies (No. 49)
Nick Frasso, RHP, Dodgers (No. 65)
+ Daniel Espino, RHP, Guardians (No. 80)

+ indicates player has been added to the 40-man roster

It would have been surprising if any of these prospects did not end up on 40-man rosters by the deadline. Over the past eight seasons, all 88 Top 100 prospects who were eligible got roster spots:

Here’s a list of all 30 teams’ Top 30 prospects who need to be protected to avoid being exposed to the Rule 5 Draft:

Arizona Diamondbacks
Kristian Robinson, OF (No. 11)
Christian Cerda, C (No. 24)
J.J. D’Orazio, C (No. 25)
Wilderd Patiño, OF (No. 26)
+ Blake Walston, LHP (No. 27)
Tristin English, 1B/OF (No. 30)

Atlanta Braves
Luis De Avila, LHP (No. 14)
Jesse Franklin V, OF (No. 22)
Geraldo Quintero, 3B/2B (No. 25)
Tyler Owens, RHP (No. 27)

Boston Red Sox
+ Wikelman Gonzalez, RHP (No. 9)
+ Luis Perales, RHP (No. 10)
Angel Bastardo, RHP (No. 16)
Shane Drohan, LHP (No. 18)
Eddinson Paulino, INF (No. 21)
Allan Castro, OF (No. 30)

Chicago Cubs
+ Michael Arias, RHP (No. 12)
+ Porter Hodge, RHP (No. 26)
Pablo Aliendo, C (No. 27)
Kohl Franklin, RHP (No. 28)

Non-Top 30 prospect added:
Bailey Horn, LHP

Chicago White Sox
+ Jake Eder, LHP (No. 5)
+ Cristian Mena, RHP (No. 10)
Wilfred Veras, OF (No. 21)
Matthew Thompson, RHP (No. 22)

Cincinnati Reds
+ Rece Hinds, OF (No. 10)

Non-Top 30 prospects added:
Jacob Hurtubise, OF
Christian Roa, RHP

Cleveland Guardians
+ Daniel Espino, RHP (No. 3/MLB No. 80)
Tanner Burns, RHP (No. 19)
Johnathan Rodriguez, OF (No. 24)
Dayan Frias, 3B/SS (No. 25)

Non-Top 30 prospect added:
Cade Smith, RHP

Colorado Rockies
+ Adael Amador, SS/2B (No. 1/MLB No. 21)
+ Yanquiel Fernandez, OF (No. 2/MLB No. 49)
Aaron Schunk, 3B/2B (No. 27)
Juan Guerrero, OF (No. 30)

Non-Top 30 prospects added:
Angel Chivelli, RHP
Juan Mejia, RHP

Detroit Tigers
+ Wilmer Flores, RHP (No. 7)
+ Dillon Dingler, C (No. 11)
Roberto Campos, OF (No. 22)
Keider Montero, RHP (No. 26)

Houston Astros
Colin Barber, OF (No. 8)
+ Kenedy Corona, OF (No. 11)
Justin Dirden, OF (No. 14)
Miguel Palma, C/1B (No. 17)
Zach Daniels, OF (No. 19)
Shay Whitcomb, INF (No. 25)
Jaime Melendez, RHP (No. 27)
Misael Tamarez, RHP (No. 30)

Kansas City Royals
+ Tyler Gentry, OF (No. 8)
+ Will Klein, RHP (No. 25)
Devin Mann, INF (No. 27)
Luinder Avila, RHP (No. 28)

Los Angeles Angels
+ Jack Kochanowicz, RHP (No. 9)
Adrian Placencia, 2B (No. 10)
Jadiel Sanchez, OF (No. 22)

Los Angeles Dodgers
Nick Frasso, RHP (No. 4/MLB No. 65)
Landon Knack, RHP (No. 9)
Jose Ramos, OF (No. 19)
Yeiner Fernandez, C/2B (No. 26)
Hunter Feduccia, C (No. 29)

Miami Marlins
Victor Mesa Jr., OF (No. 6)
Nasim Nuñez, SS/2B (No. 17)
Javier Sanoja, OF/2B/SS (No. 18)
Troy Johnston, 1B (No. 22)
Anthony Maldonado, RHP (No. 25)
Evan Fitterer, RHP (No. 26)
Will Banfield, C (No. 28)
Ian Lewis, 2B/3B (No. 29)

Milwaukee Brewers
+ Jeferson Quero, C (No. 2/MLB No. 32)
+ Bradley Blalock, RHP (No. 17)
Freddy Zamora, SS (No. 26)

Non-Top 30 prospect added:
Oliver Dunn (acquired via trade from PHI on Nov. 14)

Minnesota Twins
+ Emmanuel Rodriguez, OF (No. 3/MLB No. 48)
Jose Salas, INF (No. 17)
+ Austin Martin, SS/OF/2B (No. 20)
Ricardo Olivar, C/OF (No. 21)
Alejandro Hidalgo, RHP (No. 27)
Yunior Severino, 2B/3B (No. 28)

New York Mets
+ Alex Ramírez, OF (No. 11)
Justin Jarvis, RHP (No. 15)
Luis R. Rodriguez, LHP (No. 21)
Jeremiah Jackson, INF/OF (No. 22)
Coleman Crow, RHP (No. 29)

New York Yankees
+ Clayton Beeter, RHP (No. 16)
Jared Serna, 2B/SS (No. 20)
+ Agustin Ramirez, C (No. 24)
Matt Sauer, RHP (No. 25)
Edgar Barclay, LHP (No. 28)
Elijah Dunham, OF (No. 30)

Oakland Athletics
+ Darell Hernaiz, SS (No. 9)
J.T. Ginn, RHP (No. 18)
Logan Davidson, SS/3B (No. 20)
Max Schuemann, UTIL (No. 23)
+ Royber Salinas, RHP (No. 24)
Brayan Buelvas, OF (No. 26)
+ Brady Basso, LHP (No. 29)
Tyler Baum, RHP (No. 30)

Pittsburgh Pirates
+ Braxton Ashcraft, RHP (No. 12)
Dariel Lopez, 3B/SS (No. 14)
+ Tsung-Che Cheng, SS (No. 18)
Matt Gorski, OF (No. 20)
Malcom Nuñez, 1B/3B (No. 23)
Jase Bowen, OF/1B (No. 27)
Enmanuel Terrero, OF (No. 29)

San Diego Padres
Jairo Iriarte, RHP (No. 6)
Brandon Valenzuela, C (No. 9)
Nerwilian Cedeño, 2B/1B/3B (No. 27)
Tirso Ornelas, OF (No. 30)

San Francisco Giants
Grant McCray, OF (No. 7)
Aeverson Arteaga, SS (No. 12)
Jairo Pomares, OF (No. 17)
Trevor McDonald, RHP (No. 22)
Onil Perez, C (No. 24)
Adrian Sugastey, C (No. 25)
Erik Miller, LHP (No. 29)

Seattle Mariners
Alberto Rodriguez, OF (No. 17)
Taylor Dollard, RHP (No. 21)
Axel Sanchez, SS (No. 24)
+ Zach DeLoach, OF (No. 25)
Blake Hunt, C (No. 28)
Luis Suisbel, 1B/3B (No. 30)

St. Louis Cardinals
+ Sem Robberse, RHP (No. 8)
Ian Bedell, RHP (No. 16)
+ Adam Kloffenstein, RHP (No. 17)
+ Pedro Pagés, C (No. 28)

Tampa Bay Rays
Willy Vasquez, INF (No. 10)
Cole Wilcox, RHP (No. 11)
Ian Seymour, LHP (No. 15)
Heriberto Hernandez, OF (No. 18)
Kameron Misner, OF (No. 21)
+ Yoniel Curet, RHP (No. 22)
+ Austin Shenton, 3B/1B (No. 26)

Texas Rangers
+ Justin Foscue, 2B/3B (No. 6)
+ Marc Church, RHP (No. 19)
+ Jose Corniell, RHP (No. 23)
+ Antoine Kelly, LHP (No. 26)
Winston Santos, RHP (No. 27)

Toronto Blue Jays
Dahian Santos, RHP (No. 11)
Alex De Jesus, 3B/SS (No. 19)
+ Adam Macko, LHP (No. 22)
Adrian Pinto, SS/2B/OF (No. 25)
Gabriel Martinez, OF (No. 26)
Dasan Brown, OF (No. 29)

Washington Nationals
Kevin Made, SS (No. 15)
+ DJ Herz, LHP (No. 16)
+ Cole Henry, RHP (No. 18)
Roismar Quintana, 1B/OF (No. 20)
Andry Lara, RHP (No. 23)
+ Mitchell Parker, LHP (No. 25)
+ Zachary Brzykcy, RHP (No. 28)

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