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2bn “win-win” game revealed in Mpuuga Censure Motion

Some of the proponents of the Parliament motion to censure Mathias Mpuuga and three other backbench commissioners over the Shs 1.7 billion service award have reportedly asked for Shs 2bn to abandon the campaign.

A dependable source told us on Saturday evening that an MP, who is very close to MP Theodore Ssekikubo, approached members of the Parliament Commission proposing an idea that would create a ‘win-win’ situation for both parties.

“The MP disclosed that if Ssekikuubo’s camp received Shs 2bn today, they would abandon the collection of signatures immediately,” the source claimed.

Startled by the development, sources say,  Parliament Commissioners tricked the MP to prove that he had access to the original list of the collected signatures.

Interestingly, the MP took a picture of the list of the signatures collected thus far.

“No, you send an emissary with an original copy of the signatures,” one of the commissioners pressed the MP.

The MP removed the first page of the list of MPs’ signatures and sent it to the Commissioners.

It remains unclear if Ssekikuubo, who is spearheading the censure, was aware that a page of the original list of signatures was in the hands of the Commissioners.

Ssekikubo was not readily available when we contacted him for comment.

However, Ssekikubo on Friday said the collection of signatures will continue beyond the Friday, June 14, 2024 deadline to allow more MPs to append their signatures on the motion.

Ssekikubo admitted that his team had failed to raise the 176 signatures, three weeks after the exercise started.

The lawmaker told the media at Parliament that much as he had hoped to file his notice with the Clerk to Parliament on June 17, 2024, the plans would be halted until 12 more MPs sign the motion.

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