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12 Best Boob Tape Solutions for Lifting & Shaping Breasts Without a Bra

by Mat Lee
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12 Best Boob Tape Solutions for Lifting & Shaping Breasts Without a Bra

The best boob tape is a beloved stylist hack for wearing tricky clothes without a bra; in fact, even if you own the most comfortable bra—be it a plus-size bra that actually gives you the support you need or a strapless bra that doesn’t slip down your chest—there are times when this lingerie unicorn simply won’t do. Cue the underrated yet highly effective boob tape, which, unlike silicone nipple covers and pasties, offers lift and shaping, making it ideal for wearing with deep-V-neck tops, bodysuits, and liquid, second-skin dresses à la Hailey Bieber.

“Boob tape is designed to lift and hold breasts in place without the use of a traditional bra,” says Erika Cartledge, a personal stylist and image architect with 10 years of industry experience. “It can also be used to cover your nipples in the event that you’re wearing something see-through, sheer, or very fitted.” It’s different from a sticky bra in that it’s best for plunging necklines; sticky bras are more suited to making breasts look perky underneath backless dresses and tops.

Think of it as a bra alternative, adds Ashley Full, personal stylist and cofounder of Amour781, a size-inclusive online shopping platform. “It can be totally customizable to each outfit, allowing the wearer to adjust to exactly how they want—whether that’s lift, cleavage, or something else,” she says.

Of course, not just any sticky fabric strip will do. “The biggest thing to look for is a tape that is supportive and can hold up your breasts,” says Cartledge. Look for boob tape with strong adhesive—bonus points if it’s also water-resistant and hypoallergenic so it won’t irritate skin and leave you with a constellation of breakouts afterward. (Some experts also suggest wearing nipple covers before applying the tape onto dry skin to protect the sensitive area.) Tape that comes in a variety of shades is also helpful, so you can get the closest match to your skin tone when going braless.

As far as removing boob tape goes—experts say you never just want to rip it off your skin. Use a little bit of body oil on a cotton ball and gently rub it over the adhesive before slowing peeling it back, says Cartledge. (Vaseline or body lotion should work too.) Repeat as necessary. Alternatively, you can hop in the shower, and let the warm water slowly loosen the adhesive—just note this method won’t be as effective with waterproof boob tape.

To help you find the best boob tape, we asked Cartledge and Full to share their favorites; plus, we polled our expert editorial team and testers, and scoured top retailers to find the most highly rated options out there.

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